Birthday : 4th July
Birth place : Aomori
Blood type : O

Fascinated with blues, he headed to Chicago with a change of clothes and a guitar in 1988. Though it was his first time in the states and he knew no one (or much english for that matter), he spent the whole time doing live sessions at Chicago’s various blues clubs. (At first he asked to play and before long, he was introduced from club to club)

After coming back to Japan, he signed with WEA and released his debut solo album in 1991. The album’s rhythm section consisted of Gerry MaCaboy (Bass) and Brendan O’niel (Drums) from the Rory Gallagher Band. That same year, he appeared in the Japan Blues Carnival co-starred by James Cotton and Lonnie Brooks.ichiro was the first Japanese guitarist to become a Gibson USA/Endorsee.

His second album was recorded in LA with Bob Glaub (Bass), Marc Brown (Bass), Chad Cromwell (Drums), Rob Ladd (Drums) and Greg Droman, from the Joe Walsh band, as the engineer. Impressed with ichiro’s guitar playing ability, Albert Collins accepted an invitation to play on the album as a special guest.

While visiting Austin, he played a session with Stephen Bruton, guitarist for the Bonnie Raitt Band.

Through his career he has had the chance to play with Joanna Connor, Stevie Salas, Paul Jackson, Zack Starkey, John Entwistle, Billy Preston, Papa Grows Funk,Chris Duarte,Eikichi Yazawa, Akiko Wada, Yoshitaka Minami,Joe Yamanaka and many others.

In 2005, he appeared at the Fuji Rock Festival with Papa Grows Funk from New Orleans.

1993 The Sons(ex Sons Of Blues)
2006 GIBIER du MARI(with Mari Natsuki)

☆☆☆Recordings (CD,DVD,VHS,LD)☆☆☆
Yukari Usui – Mind The Gap (TECN-30159)

Luke Takamura – Soaking Wet Live (KSC2 69)

Diamond Yukai – Diamond Yukai (PCCA-00608)
Dirty Trash Road – Acoustic (POCH-1340)
Dirty Trash Road – Dirty Trash Road (POCH-1337)
Keiko Terda – Warui Yume (BVCR-690)

Johnny Yoshinaga – Friends Are Bridge River Of 30th (EDCR-35001~2)
Fumiya Fujii – Rock’n Roll (PCCA-00764)
Island – Precious Time (TOCT-9119)
Naoyuki Fujii – Fried Rice (PCCA-00835)
E-Zee Band – Non Stop Massive (PICL-1101)

Yosuke Eguchi – IT WAS A FINE DAY Yosuke Eguchi Live In Hibiya-Yaon (FLVF-8516)VHS / (FLLF-8516)LD
Naoyuki Fujii – 1996 concert Tour “LAZY” (PCPV-51896)VHS
Guitarist Perfect Guide “Stevie Ray Vaughan-Testify” (ATDV-009)DVD

Katsunori Takahashi – Wild Flower (CDCA-14915)

Diamond Yukai – Bravo (TKCA-72090)

Shell Helix “Quality Drive Sound”
Naomi Tamura – LIVE A GO GO! 001″every part of me” (CWCD-1001)

STARS – Let’s Make! (VSCA-101)
Mother – Mother (MOCD-0001)
Shingi Okamoto – I (ASIAN-5002)
Jerk Eggplant – UNITY (CRCP-40036)

Naomi Tamura – Heaven’s Here (CRCP-40064)
Naomi Tamura – LIVE A GO GO! 003″happy birthday 2days” (4DDBL-2001)DVD

Naomi Tamura – 10th Anniversary “Special Lives” (CWCL-1001)
Naomi Tamura – CRISIS (LYCL-0001)
MITO – Natural Soul (NPPX-83)
Tomoharu”Jr”Takahashi – Bass & Groove (VICL-61846)

MITO – Identity (VPCC-82210)
Surf & Music ~Rainbow Driveinn~ (UPCH-1502)

Naomi Tamura – Tamura Naomi A.K.A Sho-ta Sho-ta A.K.A Tamura Naomi (YZGT-0002) CD、(YZGT-8001)DVD
EIKICHI YAZAWA – Rock Opera 2 (TOBF-5527~28)DVD
Mari Natsuki – Linda Linda (AVCD-31029/B) CD+DVD / (AVCD-31030)CD
Mari Natsuki – GBIER du MARI2 (AVCD-23312/B) CD+DVD / (AVCD-23313)CD
Mari Natsuki – a-nation ’07 BEST HIT LIVE (AVBD-91491)DVD
Diamond Yukai – D☆Y SHORT BIBLE (GNCL-7006)

Diamond Yukai – I AM A ROCKMAN (GNCL-1194)
Naomi Tamura – LIVE A GO GO BEST (CWCD-1002)

Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi- LIVE DVD ARENA TOUR 2010-2011’TRY AGAIN’ (UPBH-20071)DVD
Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi – TRY AGAIN for JAPAN (UPCH-80249)


Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi “THE TRUTH” (UPXH-20016/8 Blu-Ray) , (UPBH-20101/3 DVD)


Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi “ARENA TOUR 2014 ALL TIME BEST” Live One Love,One Heart (UPXH-20033 Blu-Ray) , (UPBH-20129/30 DVD)


Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi “Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi 100,000 All Night Live 2015 in Fuji” (POXD-21008/12 Blu-Ray)、(POBD-21022/6 DVD) (POCS-21038 CD+DVD)

☆☆☆Tours / Live Performances / TV☆☆☆
1993 Diamond Yukai / Luke Takamura
1994 Diamond Yukai / Dirty Trash Road / Keiko Terada
1995 Johnny Yoshinaga / E-Zee Band / Naoyuki Fujii / Yosuke Eguchi
1996 ZIGGY / Keiko Terada / Naoyuki Fujii
1997 E-Zee Band / Shigeru Izumiya
1999 Kyan Marie / Naomi Tamura / hitomi
2000 Utamaru / hitomi
2001 ME / Ryudo Uzaki
2002 Diamond Yukai / Naomi Tamura
2003 Shingi Okamoto / Diamond Yukai / Naomi Tamura
2004 Naomi Tamura
2005 Shoji Narita / Naomi Tamura
2006 Naomi Tamura / KenKen / Tomoharu”Jr”Takahashi / Eikichi Yazawa
2007 Naomi Tamura / Mari Natsuki
2008 Diamond Yukai / Kazuki Kato
2009 alan,Diamond Yukai / Johnny Yoshinaga / Naomi Tamura
2010 Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi
2011 Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi / Naomi Tamura
2012 Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi / Mari Natsuki
2013 Mari Natsuki
2014 Keiko Terada / Mari Natsuki / Z’s(Eikichi Yazawa)/ Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi
2015 Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi / Mari Natsuki
2016 Keiko Terada / Mari Natsuki / Tatsumi Moritoki / Sara meets ichiro
2017 Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi / Keiko Terada / Mari Natsuki / Tatsumi Moritoki / Sara meets ichiro
2018 Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi /Hakuryu
2019 Hakuryu / Saaya Kishibe / Mari Natsuki / Diamond Yukai / Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi
2020 Kahoru Kohiruimakii / Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi
2022 Akira Terao / Naomi Tamura / Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi
2023 Tatsumi Moritoki / Akira Terao / Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi / Diamond Yukai / Hakuryu
2024 Akira Terao / / Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi